3D Design and Visualisation

 Visualising the value

Presentation is critical. Not just to us (although we are perfectionists in this area) but in every aspect of your project; from planning and public exhibitions, to project reports. We’re lucky to have an exceptional visualisation team in house. Which means you can work with us for a specific project or, as part of your overall design and planning package. With a proven track record in high quality content that supports planning applications and sales, we understand the value of bringing your design to life.


Whatever your plans, our 3D designers can help you visualise them:

  • 3D Visualisations to makes schemes and street scenes come to life
    • Sketch Up Images
    • Photorealistic Images
    • Flythrough Animations
    • 3D Model Presentations (Digital Consultancy)


  • Public Exhibition Resources for engaging consultation events
    • Presentation boards
    • Leaflets
    • Virtual exhibitions for large scale public engagement
    • Dedicated hosting and analytics 


  • Reports & bespoke documents to help unique projects stand out above the competition
    • Hardback covers
    • ‘Layflat’ binding for double spread images


Meet Our Team

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Tim Stanton

Visual and Graphics Manager

Tim Stanton

Visual and Graphics Manager

Meet Tim. A qualified Product Designer with a Masters in Design, Tim is all about 3D design and visualisation. With extensive urban design experience and an eye for eye-catching graphics, Tim is particularly passionate about 3D design and has produced large architectural visualisations for a diverse group of land developers.

Tim’s favourite project was Swindon Technology Centre, built from the ground up as a 3D model to showcase the proposed design along with existing buildings and surrounding areas.

Tim enjoys a challenge and when he’s not knee-deep in designs, he loves playing guitar in a band and playing Minecraft with his kids.

Email: tim.stanton@nineteen47.co.uk